About Us

The E-Assessment Management Company Ltd (TEAMCo Ltd) was formed with the aim of becoming a positive disrupter in the Examination sector. Our innovative approach has seen the company grow from delivering 60 seats in 3 locations to delivering thousands of exams in over 30 locations throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

We deliver both On-Screen and Paper-based exams providing the location, the invigilation staff and specialist equipment where needed. We also provide Remote invigilation for live testing and Record & Review. 

Our Network

TEAMCo manages over 2,000 exam test centre seats across the UK and Europe providing On Screen and paper based testing.

On Screen testing in secure, invigilated sites

Paper based testing in secure, invigilated sites

Remote Invigilation

Next Steps...

Contact us to find out how TEAMCo can work with you. Email our Business Development team at info@teamcouk.com or call 07533 408 686.
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